About the SCSMGuru

Greetings System Center Community! My name is Greg Wojtkun and I am a Principal Consultant with Netivia Consulting specializing in IT Service Delivery Management with expertise in System Center Service Manager and related System Center products focusing on service delivery automation. I also assist with Enterprise IT Risk Management and GRC / SOX Compliance. You can check my credentials out on LinkedIn.

I am currently implementing SCSM 2012 at various clients and want to share my experiences with the System Center community.


– The SCSMGuru


6 Responses to About the SCSMGuru

  1. Adam says:

    Am wondering if there are any tools to easily integrate dashboard reporting using the odc files from SCSM. I know I can create pivots/slicers off this, and then maybe use powerpivot or something out there to implement, but I didn’t know if there was anything out there more native to SCSM 2012 for metrics/reporting.

    • gregwoj says:

      @Adam: Are you using SCSM 2010 or SCSM 2012? SCSM2012 has a much more advanced OLAP cube and SSRS system. You can easily create a dashboard in Excel then post it to a sharepoint site. The data reads directly from the DW each time the workbook is accessed so the data is fresh to the reader.

  2. ronin8996 says:

    Was wondering the process of creating separate boxes for subcategories in Incident Forms. We are utilizing the Category fields, but w/ the numerous sub/multi-tiered Categories it makes selection and reporting hard.

    If there was a way to turn something like

    Category: Helpdesk\Troubleshoot\Break-Fix


    Category: Helpdesk
    Subcategory: Troubleshoot
    2nd Tier: Break-Fix

    so that each was a reportable, selectable, field in the Incident Form, that would be great.

    Also, if there was a way to make the logic relational, so that if I selected Category 1 (Ex: Helpdesk),then the Sub-categories would only be selectable based off Cat 1, etc.

    • gregwoj says:

      The short answer to your question is… yes! That would simply be created additional extended data properties in IR class and then adding the controls to the form and mapping the properties to them. Refer to my blog post on creating report request data properties. Same principle, but target the IR class and form.

      The second part of your question is more complex and is not possible with the authoring tool. That would require some advanced XML coding skills within the IR Class Form.

  3. Chin Dilz says:

    I am urgently seeking an SCSM Engineer for a project in Philadelphia….can you recommend anyone?? Please conctact me as we are in dire need.

    • gregwoj says:

      We can help! Netivia Consulting focuses on customized SCSM Implementation with Orchestrator automation, and ITIL process consulting. Feel free to contact me directly! Our website is under construction but should be up in the next few weeks to provide details! gwojtkun@gmail.com

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