Integrating SCOM & SCSM: Automation at Work!

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Greetings! I am an SCSM/IT Consulting professional looking out for SCSM customers out there who may be stuck in the mud and need some insight to get them moving in the right direction!

5 Responses to Integrating SCOM & SCSM: Automation at Work!

  1. Markus says:

    Hi, thats great but one question. When the Status of the incident is going from active to closed the template will be always applied. Means that it will be also applied when a Technican will be closed the ticket in the console. How can I prevent this? I mean how can i make sure that the Close category “Auto closed by SCOM” will be applied only when really schon Close the ticket?


    • gregwoj says:

      You can combat this by using workflow logic. Meaning… Only apply this workflow when the IR Source = “SCOM” and the Resolved By User Id = the workflow account and not a unique user ID. When SCOM auto closes a ticket, the workflow account is the actual “user” who resolves the ticket. So put this in your workflow logic and SCSM will know not apply the “Auto Resolved By SCOM” category when a real user closes it.

      • Markus says:

        Hi again,

        Not easy to understand.;-) Because I am on the beginning to work with SCSM and SCOM..
        I have added the Workflow to the “Incident Event Workflow” and it checks for updated Objects.
        Then I have added the criteria when a Incident is changed from ” Active ” and ” Source is equal “operations Manager” TO staus “resolved” and source is Operations Manager and Resolution Category does not equal “fixed by Analyst” OR the other Resolution categorys, this Template will be applied.
        But thats not working.
        Would be helpfull so see more about this solution..



  2. gregwoj says:

    @Markus. Try the following workflow logic. Go to your auto resolve workflow and edit the logic so it states the following.

    Changed From:

    Source = Operations Manager
    Status = Active

    Changed To

    Status = Resolved
    Source = Operations Mangager
    Resolved By User [User ID] = YourWorkFlowUserID (e.g. SCSMSVC)

    If this is not working, then check your logs for any error messages.

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