SCSM Content Coming Soon!

Greetings everyone… I just set this up and will be vomiting from my brain all of my SCSM implementation and customization experience over the past 12 months! Stay Tuned!


– The SCSMGuru


About gregwoj
Greetings! I am an SCSM/IT Consulting professional looking out for SCSM customers out there who may be stuck in the mud and need some insight to get them moving in the right direction!

2 Responses to SCSM Content Coming Soon!

  1. Fixx says:

    Hi Gregwoj,

    Awesome blog, keep em coming 🙂

    Pertains to “Using Data Properties From the Parent Work Items in Activity Email Templates”

    I’d been looking into a way of getting parent CR information across into both RAs and MAs for a while now…looks like you cracked it. One thing I noticed when using your guide, although it’s likely just me being slow, I thought it worth mentioning.

    When adding SeedRole=’Target’ it won’t work unless you place a space before and after it in the code.

    Thanks again Greg, your blog has been a great help.


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